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If you agree with SAACT's aims, please consider how you could help to achieve them. Here are a few suggestions.

Read the SAACT Newsletters - especially the article headed Council Tax is Unfair on page 2 of Issue 1 (September 2006)

Read the SAACT Website - especially the Home Page and the sections on News and Scottish Political Parties' Policies .

Help to raise awareness of the case against Council Tax by talking to friends and acquaintances, and raising the issue in any relevant organisations of which you are a member (for example, pensioners' organisations, trade unions etc.).

Tell your friends, acquaintances, organisations etc. about the SAACT Website and SAACT Newsletter.

Pass on copies of the SAACT Newsletter to others who you think may be interested. Send the SAACT Newsletter to interested people on your E-Mail Address Book, and suggest that they also pass it on.

Write to the Press (national and local). Even if your letter is not published, the fact that it is sent may make some impact

Lobby your MSPs, and encourage your friends to do so. Also lobby your local Councillors. While the method of local government funding is a matter for the Scottish Parliament, not Councils, Parliament presumably takes some account of Councils' views.

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